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Share feeds of events with customizable add to calendar buttons

Add to Calendar Plugins

Embed our Add to Calendar button on websites, email, social media, and more!

Auto-Updating Calendar Events

Last-minute delay or change of venue? Simply edit your event and updates are sent to everyone's calendar automatically.

Feeds of Multiple Events

Send your subscribers feeds of your upcoming events.
It's like a mailing list, but for calendar events!

Custom Calendar Notifications

Mobile notifications can now be sent through an app all your customers already have: their calendar.

Email Capture

Require users to enter their email address before adding to calendar. You can then sync these emails to your CRM.

Link Shortening & Tracking

We'll automatically shorten all your links and keep track of who clicked them inside the calendar.

SmartEventsTM Analytics

Gain insight into how subscribers engage with your events by tracking engagement, location, link clicks, and more.

Zapier Integration

Sync data between Eventable and 1,000+ other apps with Zapier's automated workflows.

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Features Starter Enterprise
Number of Events unlimited unlimited
Number of Calendar Subscribers  unlimited unlimited
Add to Calendar Buttons 
Auto-updating Calendar Events
Feeds of Multiple Events
Email Capture
Link Shortening & Tracking
Analytics & Reporting
Audience Targeting & Segmentation 
Geotargeting & Geofencing 
Multiple Locations per Event 
Multiple Accounts / Distributed Admin
Custom Branding
INTEGRATIONS Starter Enterprise
Zapier Integration
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector
API Access 
Support Starter Enterprise
Online Help Center
Email Support
Data Import & Sync
Onboarding & Account Setup
Dedicated Account Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support non-profits?

Yes! Non-profits around the world use Eventable to share their events. Just sign up for an account to get started. If you have 501c(3) status and would like to discuss pricing, please fill out this form and email to [email protected].


Do you offer custom solutions?

Yup! From account setup to custom integrations to full-service campaign management, we provide a number of additional services to help you achieve results. Contact sales » Free Add to Calendar button