Eventable is now part of Rockerbox!

April 25, 2018

Eventable joins Rockerbox to Develop Smarter Marketing Solutions for Brands


Today, we’re excited to announce that Eventable is being acquired by Rockerbox!

With this acquisition, Eventable will maintain its brand and products as a part of Rockerbox. Our customers will not see any interruption in service. We’ll be making more announcements in the future regarding integrations with Rockerbox, so stay tuned!

This marks an important milestone in the story of Eventable and calendar marketing. With the combined power of Rockerbox, we can continue developing smarter marketing solutions for brands. The future of calendar marketing just got (even more) exciting!


How we got here

Five years ago, in a cramped dorm room at UC Berkeley, we set out with a vision to create a marketing channel that ensures a customized and engaging experience for consumers, while respecting their time. When we started out in 2013, we were two wide-eyed college students with a thirst for adventure and unaware of the many difficulties we’d face. It started out as an uphill battle — struggling to find the right market and to build a product to match. Calendar marketing was an entirely new concept, and getting people to buy into it was no small feat.

But over the past few years, we really started hitting our stride. We were fortunate to find exceptional people to lead our engineering, marketing, and customer success teams. Our customers began to see real results, and they were gracious enough to share their stories. Soon, Eventable gained a wider audience, and we built partnerships with a number of industry leaders.

Today, over 12,000 businesses across 172 countries rely on Eventable to power their calendar marketing efforts. Whether it’s a retailer driving sales, a TV station promoting a show release, a healthcare provider reminding patients to take medication or a nonprofit growing volunteer involvement, we couldn’t have imagined all the ways in which brands and organizations now use Eventable. Seeing marketers use our technology in ever more innovative ways has been one of the most rewarding parts of our work at Eventable.


Why join forces with Rockerbox?

Quite simply, there’s no other company that understands as well as Rockerbox the importance of the customer journey for marketers.

Rockerbox was one of our early partners, and we’ve been working with them for over three years now. It soon became clear to both of us that the closer we could work together, the stronger both of our businesses could be.

Their culture of innovation and dedication to serving marketers is something we both share. Rockerbox’s Recency Activation and Attribution products are used by a who’s who of leading agencies and Fortune 500 brands around the world.

The opportunity to provide Rockerbox customers with calendar marketing services, and Eventable customers with Recency and Attribution services, enables us to build a comprehensive marketing suite for brands.


Looking ahead to smarter marketing

Going forward, you can expect to see exciting new products through our collaboration.

The Eventable product and services will not be affected, and we will be continuing our mission of building smarter marketing. You can expect to see deeper integrations between the Eventable and Rockerbox products, and a more powerful platform as a result. Our combined teams are committed to seeing this through.

There are so many people that we would like to thank for making this all possible.
First and foremost, our amazing customers: you trusted your marketing with a small company, gave us honest feedback, and helped us demonstrate to the world the efficacy of calendar marketing.
To all our employees, current and alumni: it was your hard work that got us here today and we’re constantly inspired by your dedication and work ethic.
And to all of our investors and advisors: thank you for never losing faith in us, and supporting us throughout this rollercoaster of a journey.

We couldn’t be more excited about our future with Rockerbox! By joining forces, our combined products and teams are ready to start innovating on the next chapter of marketing.


Read more about the acquisition in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and CNBC.


Onwards and upwards!

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Sameen Karim
Co-Founder & CEO

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Akash Malhotra
Co-Founder & COO

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